Notifications on all your devices

The Bot uses the notification system integrated into discord in order to notify you as quickly as possible.

Be notified as soon as a wanted item arrives with notifications sent via Discord. Dominate the buy-resell market by using the notification system to be aware of the releases of the most important articles.

Whether you are on iPhone, Mac, Windows, Linux, or Android, receive your notifications at any time. Discord allows compatibility with all your devices.


Fast and effective

Be ahead of the competition with its speed

Update requests made by the Bot are sent from several data centers to allow unparalleled speed.


An affordable price

A free preview is available, and the paid plan is accessible for only €5 per month without ever increasing in price.

We are currently offering one of the most affordable price plans. The price is used to cover data center costs, development time, and the support available each day of the week.


Don't wait, just try the free version!

The number of available slots to use the Bot is limited, why wait when the opportunity is there


A fixed price that makes it easy to make a profit from the resale of items.


Support is available every day to help you with any issues.


The Bot is regularly updated in order to offer a service that is still as efficient as ever.


Receive notifications as soon as the articles you want appear.


Thanks to the multiple data centers used, the Bot will never be offline.


Payments are made via Stripe, one of the most secure and well-known platforms in the field of online payment.